Strong. Loved. Brave.

“You are strong.” These three words are all someone needs to hear sometimes. Earlier this year, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle visited a charity called One25 in Bristol. Allowing women to leave street sex-work and protecting them in the process, the charity is an extremely important organisation.


Let’s learn some more about the charity, first and foremost. Women who are trapped in the life of street sex-work and addiction are now given the chance to rebuild their lives and make positive relationships. One of the only charities to take a stand on the matter, and THE only organisation of the sort in Bristol, the mission of this charity is extremely important. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are helping to spread the word about the charity by visiting them, which raises awareness across the country and will generate more support for the cause. A message and approach of unconditional love is promoted by the charity.


Meghan Markle caused somewhat of a stir when visiting the charity. Food had been donated to them and they were busy making packages to give to the women in need, so Meghan chose to write “You are strong”, “You are loved”, and other positive messages on the banana peels. A small yet poignant gesture of love and support was greatly appreciated by many of the women, as it showed solidarity and a desire to create a more positive experience for them in their recovery.

So, what’s the significance of writing something like “You are strong”? First of all, a surprise when opening a food parcel is enough to make a person smile, so the message of love and support that is conveyed through a simple banana is very touching. Sometimes, validation and encouragement are all a person needs to gain the drive to feel positive about their future – so these small messages and acts of kindness could well have helped the women along the way.

We need more people in this world like Meghan Markle. Kind-hearted and loving, this small gesture had a pretty huge impact. You are strong. You are loved. Never forget it.

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