There’s nothing more uncomfortable than having freezing cold ears in the winter weather. Thanks to our Swaggerlicious kids’ hats keeping kids warm and cosy, that’s a worry of the past! Our hats are perfectly sized to fit kids in a comfortable yet cosy and stylish way, to protect them from the harsh weather whilst also letting them show off their great fashion sense. With a fluffy bobble on the top and the signature Swaggerlicious logo, children can make a chic and awesome fashion statement just with one accessory! What’s not to like?! Encourage kids to stay stylish this winter, and make any streetwear outfit ready for those cold and frosty mornings when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. With an accessory like the Swaggerlicious kids’ hats, you child won’t be able to contain their excitement to get up, dressed, and go – they’ll want to show off their fashionable yet cosy new winter hat!