Mini Backpacks

Do you enjoy the look of a backpack but don’t have enough things to justify carrying one around? Are you constantly carrying a heavy bag for no reason? Make a change to your routine and shop from our range of mini backpacks which are like our classic backpacks, just in a smaller size! Ideal for someone who doesn’t want to be weighed down with all their belongings but can’t travel empty handed, these trendy mini backpacks provide the perfect happy medium. Our stylish athleisure backpacks will help you get through the day with all the things you need – without being too cumbersome! Shop for the best mini backpack to match your streetwear look, with colours ranging from white to pink to classic black, you can choose the one for you! Whether you want a navy bag with a gold logo or white with silver, we have a large selection of combinations meaning you can get the mini backpack to suit you.