About Us

SWAGGERLICIOUS is a sportswear clothing brand with an inclusive positive mental health ethos designed in London. Our brand came about because we noticed that there was short supply of streetwear and sportswear brands that were expressive and made you feel great.

We were tired of the same old streetwear and sportswear clothing brands who have been around for years becoming a bit boring to see all of the time and just don’t seem to give you that boost when you put their clothing on – then SWAGGERLICIOUS was born.

SWAGGERLICIOUS has put the feel good factor back into the clothes you wear. You will be sure to stand out from the crowd with our simple but distinctive logo in awesome graphic designs and vibrant colour choices.

Our garments are for all genders. If your into streetwear, gymwear, activewear, athleisure or sportswear then SWAGGERLICIOUS is the brand for you.

Wearing SWAGGERLICIOUS clothing and accessories reminds you that you are awesome, relevant and amongst other things, you are SWAGGERLICIOUS.